COMAX welcomes the opportunity to work with you on:

  • Identifying investment opportunities and high return projects in Kosovo;
  • Forming strong and meaningful partnerships with credible local counterparts;
  • Linking up with Government agencies and incentives;
  • Joint end-to-end implementation of diverse projects.

COMAX provides direct consulting services to individuals, enterprises and organizations engaged in development work, business and government services in the following areas:

Investment Opportunities

COMAX applies its expertise in assisting clients to identify investment opportunities. Our main focus is on Kosovo and the Balkans region but our experts and partners also assist with projects further afield. There are significant local enterprise and business opportunities various sectors and ranging from manufacturing to trading. COMAX carries out pre investment feasibility studies which include sector and market analysis.

Business Support – Local and Foreign

On a cross sector and multi-function basis COMAX provides a comprehensive range of essential services to investors; entrepreneurs and business managers including but not limited to:

  • Market Analysis (market need, market potential…);
  • Feasibility Studies;
  • Company Registration;
  • Tax Advice;
  • Legal Advice;
  • Company Setup;
  • Access to Labor Force (recruitment and head hunting);
  • Advice on location and infrastructure;
  • Advice on banking services;
  • Pre-screened search to identify local partners and outsourcing possibilities; and
  • Other specific business and project related services.

Our business relationship with clients is always highly professional and we deliver high quality services, on time. Potential clients can discuss their ideas; objectives; concepts; and services required in confidence with us at any time.